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Lawn Installation Services

For a quality natural grass installation, it is essential to have the right company to ensure the lawn’s efficiency and aesthetic quality, and that’s when we came into play! This type of service is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a more comfortable environment.

The installation of quality natural grass can be carried out in large locations, such as farms, farms, hotels, and in smaller spaces, such as residential gardens and balconies, among others. Efficiency and quality in natural grass installation is with HMD Landscapes. It is recognized in the market for installing quality natural grass quickly, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Turf Installation

We also provide the installation of artificial grass. We are committed to installation techniques that produce a great final result that will stand the test of time. Our preparation is comprehensive: cutting, professional sewing, and fixing with suitable finishes. We evaluate each step to ensure that your chosen project is a success.

They are perfect for outdoor areas as soon after the rain can be used again as there will be no dirt or mud without the need to clean the grass. 


As it does not need maintenance, it also perfectly matches indoor areas such as steep ramps, places without natural lighting (another advantage of synthetic grass vs. natural grass), which can be used in playgrounds, in the yard, decorating parties, in the pool and why not an artificial grass carpet?

We work with an appropriate sewing and cutting system, thus eliminating frequent sewing problems. Our seams contribute to an installation with a better appearance without being affected by temperature changes or climate changes. Our team of installers is very proud of your work. We use suitable tools and refined techniques. HMD works directly with the customer during and after installation to ensure that your project is completed with 100% satisfaction.

Available in many grass types to fit your taste and design. For example:

We also provide a wide variety of materials. For example:

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