Sports Fields


Sports Fields Grass and Synthetic Grass Installation

We specialized in a wide range, from facilities management, general maintenance, in areas of sports. This includes football & rugby pitches, cricket grounds, and more. Give us a call, and we can advise you of what service you may need.

Regular maintenance of your sports court or sports court will increase the facilities’ life and allow you to use them always in the best conditions. HMD offers renovation and revitalization services for sports courts and floors, including painting and demarcation for various sports. It also provides a wide variety of accessories and specific equipment for sports.

Design, construction, renovation, maintenance of sports and multisport fields. A multisport field, because it is intended for different modalities, must adapt to each sport’s specifications to ensure proper practice and avoid damage to the athletes’ health. The construction of a sports field is a project that includes safety, comfort, and performance solutions, including the choice of the most appropriate grass, or even consider synthetic grass. Due to the complexity of the project for the construction or renovation of a sports field, it is recommended to hire a specialized consultancy in sports architecture, such as us!

We also offer a range of products for both sports and decorative synthetic turf. With many years of experience and a vast customer portfolio, our company is always the most reliable choice on the market!

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